The Hacker – Hamza Bendelladj: Will you call him a hero or criminal?




A few people call him Robin Hood, while others consider him as a criminal. Hamza Bendelladj, the 27-year-old youthful programmer is condemned to capital punishment by the court of Unites States. As indicated by the current report, Hamza stole cash from more than 200 banks and budgetary foundations in the USA by utilizing a PC infection. At that point, he apparently gave a huge number of dollars to Africa and Palestinian philanthropies.

Captured in Thailand in 2013, Hamza is asserted to be the co-maker of an infection trojan steed likewise called SpyEye. He is charged to have influenced more than 1.4 million PCs in the United States – as indicated by the Wired magazine. The infection enabled programmers to take login points of interest for money related records, which they at that point ransacked.

Who is Hamza Bendelladj?


Hamza is moved on from a college of Algeria in software engineering. He began hacking the banks in the age of 20. Hamza Bendelladj is known to be the genius behind ZeuS (Trojan stallion malware bundle that takes a shot at a few variants of Microsoft Windows). He is guaranteed to have hacked 217 banks and stole $280,000,000. Instead of keeping the cash himself, He gave the aggregate cash to the Africa and Palestinian reason.

Trojan Horse Malware

Hamza Bendelladj Death Body

Zeus additionally called as the Zbot, is a Trojan steed malware that can be utilized to complete various criminal undertakings. Essentially, it has been utilizing to take managing an account data utilizing keystroke logging. Perceived in July 2007, it has turned out to be more far reaching in March 2009. In June 2009, Zeus had hacked more than 74,000 FTP records of the Bank of United States, NASA, ABC, Oracle,, Cisco, and Amazon.

Co-Creator of the SpyEye Trojan, Hamza Bendelladj was proclaimed liable for every one of the exercises he did that incorporate advancement, organization, and checking of the keeping money casualties by means of SpyEye Trojan.

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